Tunnels can be dug by tunnelers, who must be recruited in the Tunneler's Guild. Once built, a tunneler can be instructed to build a tunnel from a large distance from an enemy fortification, rushing to its place immediately. Shortly after, the digger will attempt to reach the nearest (stone) structure and destroy it. This operation cannot be cancelled.

When reached, the tunneler takes considerable time to dig the opening and get to its target. During this period, the tunnel entrance can be attacked and destroyed, eliminating the tunneler in the process. The tunneler himself is also vulnerable to attacks, while on the surface.

While the tunnel is being dug, the surface will slightly elevate, highlighting the digger's position.


Tunneler sh3

A tunneler in Stronghold 3

The tunneler himself is a weak melee unit, solely wielding a pickaxe at his disposal.

Despite his vulnerability to all sorts of attacks, he is very fast and can actually defend itself against light troops in combat. Their speed can more than make up for their fragility, and their high attack speed allows them to destroy buildings with limited effectiveness.


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  • Curiously, tunnelers speak with very strong Welsh accent, possibly due to the mining connection.
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