Here are the quotes of the tunneler.

Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected Yes?
Tunnel s2

What is it?

Let me guess: diggin'.

Do I have to?

I'm claustrophobic, you know.

I smell trouble.

Tunnel s1
Tunnel s3
Tunnel s4
Tunnel s5
Tunnel s6

Stop pushing me around!

All right, all right!

Make your mind up.

Tunnel m1
Tunnel m2
Tunnel m3
Invalid location Yeah, like I can get there.
Tunnel m4

It's a cruel life.

Those poor boys.

Must we?

I'm not afraid, but...

Tunnel ATKW1
Tunnel ATKW2
Tunnel ATKW3
Tunnel ATKW4
Marching Oh, just a little way then.
Tunnel m5
Heavy target

Great, and I don't even have a shirt.

I'm a lover, not a fighter!

It is a good day to die.

Hm... this pick should really help.

Tunnel ATKS1
Tunnel ATKS2
Tunnel ATKS3
Tunnel ATKS4
Digging moat

Bit a little dump in there.

Oh my poor back.

Digging... how novel.

Tunnel Moat1
Tunnel Moat2
Tunnel Moat3
Digging tunnel

Down we go!

Into the blackness!

Tunnel Digtunnel1
Tunnel Digtunnel2
Disband I'm off for a nice cup of tea.
Tunnel Disband1
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