Here you face wolf along with your ally, Lionheart. This map is really easy since its 2 vs 1 and your ally Lionheart has a troop morale over the wolf. You can defeat him any way you wish, but the longer it takes, the harder it'll get.

Difficulty: Easy


Kill the lions at the start with your archers, and since there wont be any place to put your farms, your people will be hungry in a few months or a year or 2. So you can either buy more food when you need to, or get your popularity up to +9. You don't need to do any of this, since the wolf might be dispatched before your food runs out, if you help attack along with Richard. Richard will already be beating the wolf up, and you should help. Keep attacking him and don't allow him to build up. When he is at the weakest, send in waves of assassins into the castle and kill him.

Very Easy Solution:

Build stockpile, marketplace, hovel, armory, barracks and engineers guild. Buy 50 leather armor and 50 maces and create 50 macemen. create 10 engineers and send them near the castle of Lionheart. build 5 catapults and destroy the front gate. send 50 macemen to the Wolf and Mission Accomplished.

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