43 The Desert Warriors

All rite, in this mission you will be put against 7 Rats who each have 10,000 Gold. You will have plenty of supplies and 10,000 gold also so if you plan to finish this map the way i did (In about 10 minutes), then this is more than enough to kill the 7 Rats. Immidiately place a granary and extend your stockpile 3 spaces. Next place two houses and a market place and a barracks and armoury. Then quickly buy 25 maces and 25 leather armour and make Macemen. Send these macemen up the keep of the closest Rat and they will kill him. While this is happening quickly keep making squads of 25 macemen to attack the other rats the same way. Each of the Rats are very weak and if you act quickly, you should be able to kill all of them and win the map. You don't have to worry about money because every time you kill a Rat you will receive about 1 or 2 thousand gold. However, if you need, you can always sell all your stone, iron, and pitch for a little extra money. Use this to keep making macemen. If all goes well this map is a really easy win. Just remember to act quickly and don't wast time on any thing else like building up an economy. Your main objective in this map should be to defeat all your enemies quickly without having to bother about economy and all those other things which can make a mission very difficult and long. Good Luck.

Lord Byron,
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