The Call to Arms

Mission 3: Antioch - The Counter Siege

Objective: Deflect the incoming invasions and kill all enemy troops

Supplies: 100 wood, 20 stone, 6 iron, 57 apples, some gold

Starting troops: 6 archers, 14 spearmen

No trade is available


After the fortified city, Antioch is captured with a help of a spy by the marching Crusaders. Saladin hears the news and sends a fair-sized army to retake the castle. Since the Arabs are and numerous and close, they cut all trade lines. You must strengthen the castle and prepare for the assault.


Use the hints only when you fail to complete this mission on your own!

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  • Taxing is essential to gain money for recruitment.
  • Your archers' position is the key to beat the overwhelming attacks.
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You start with a pre-built castle and a small army. There is a chapel and some hovels in the castle, with lookout towers, a small gatehouse and damaged perimeter turrets.

Site a chapel next to the original one. From your starting stone, repair any of your stonework. You can leave them as reserves though. Place some apple orchards south to the arable land and build woodcutters in the forest. Build the armoury along with two fletchers, a blacksmith and an armourer. When wood comes in, site two iron mines, more orchards and fletchers. Recruit archers and swordsmen as weapons allow. Station your archers on the walls and move your swordsmen to the iron mines. Religion should allow you -2 or -4 taxes.

Three progressive invasions will occur, consisting of slingers, Arab bowmen and swordsmen. Slingers and bowmen will head for your walls trying to bring down your archers. Spread out your own archers on the walls facing the enemy and use towers to your advantage. With this simple tactic, the enemy units will be dead in no time. In the meantime, Arab swordsmen will advance west to your iron mines and attempt to destroy them. Concentrate your archers' fire on them (staying on the walls), who will get to your swordsmen in a bad constitution. You can send your initial spearmen there to improve defenses there.

When the last invasion comes, don't protect your mines. Swordsmen on their way back and forth will die very easily from your archer's fire, but reserved units come in handy if the attack should prove successful. Eventually you can meet the enemy on the battlefield when they are lazy to come.

Alternative strategiesEdit

  • You can wait for the granary to run out of food, then relocate it in the oasis to boost efficiency. Use double rations along with -8 or -12 taxes to speed up this process. Remember to revert rations and taxes after resiting the granary.
  • You can use spearmen backing up/replacing swordsmen. They are cheap and effective when used in good numbers, but they fall easily to arrows/slingshots.


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