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Players 1
Map Name -
Game Mode Siege
Allies -
Enemies The Rat
Starting Conditions
Human Lords -
Computer Lords -
RearguardRats in the Night
This is mission 6 in the Stronghold 3 military campaign.


Upon Sir Longarm's advice, you head out to search the few influential warlords, who are still willing to bear arms against the oppressive Wolf. The first of them is Thomas Blackstaff, whose allegiances are yet uncertain, comes under attack by one of the Rat's son, Rupert Silverback. You need to fight your way through enemy ranks to reach the castle.

The Rat's men are scattered along a rocky path that is surrounded by elevated plateaus and other vantage points. You start on the bottom right, while Blackstaff's castle is found in the opposite corner.

Approaching Blackstaff's castleEdit

You start on a river bank. Grab your forces and move up along the path of the river. You will find scattered troops on the ground and on a hill: dispose of them, leading with your armed peasants to take damage. Just halfway to the bridge, you will find a few armed peasants idling around. Kill them, then prepare for a small ambush from the other side of the river. They will inflict some casualties, but as long as you keep your archers in the back, nothing could surprise you.

Cross the bridge and kill any sentries on the way down. You will head down on the opposite coast, then turn westwards where some marshlands start. From here, you have three options: head to the west, the middle or the east. You will find that on the northwestern bending a lot of units are found and therefore are most dangerous; it is advised to turn to the east. Be mindful however that the wooden pallisades have man traps before them; use your armed peasants to absorb its punishment and demolish the walls.

Once you are through, move up and eliminate the small squad that is stationed near the bottom of a hill. With this group gone, you are free to approach Blackstaff's castle. Try to stay as much in the marshes and manuever so that you are far away from the wooden walls. These have man traps on either side, so take a curve around them and move up the rocky steep. When you approach the castle's outer walls, Blackstaff will open the gates for you and you win the mission!

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