Saladin's Conquest

Mission 1: Damascus - The Balance of Power Shifts

Objective: eliminate all hostile troops

Starting troops: 10 Arab bowmen, 116 slingers, 1 battering ram

This is the briefing mission to the second campaign trail, which consists nothing but conquest missions. In this warm-up mission you have to take Damascus from a weak garrison.

Damascus is lightly fortified with two towers and a gatehouse, stationing some Arab bowmen and slingers, as well as some Arab swordsmen in the heart of the castle. It is best to attack the western walls.

Gather your troops into one big group and send them to the western tower. Focus fire on the bowmen each to maximize efficiency. You will suffer casualties, so do not hesitate to bring your ram into action and knock down a small wall segment next to the tower. When this is done, bring all your troops and scale the walls, while killing troops on the gatehouse, then on the eastern tower. You should use the slingers' melee attacks to speed things up on the bowmen. Finally, get near the keep, but stay back not to trigger the swordsmen to attack. When everything is clear, you have won this simple mission.


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