Not for the last time you end up running errands for the Monks

This is mission 2 in the Path of War, in Stronghold 2.


Sir William and Matthew have finally arrived at a safe location near a monastary. William hands command of a small estate over to Matthew. He is supposed to build a stable economy and provide wood and stone to the monks, who need the resources to repair their bridge. In the meantime, Lord Barclay meets his most loyal ally, Pascal Deveraux. He suspects that Pascal was one of the intruders, but he is quickly convinced that this is not true. Pascal suggests to hire Olaf Grimtooth to dispose of the two. He is also stunned to realize that his brother still lives.


Another easy mission that is free of combat. Place your stockpile and granary and build 6 sawpits. As wood comes in, build a hovel, a quarry and an ox tether. You have no way of producing food, so the initial 80 units of food in the granary will have to suffice. Don't worry, though as food is capped at 20 units, it will never go below that.

Once the bridge is repaired, a group of monks will cross it and the mission is won.

The aftermathEdit

Friar Jacob is grateful for Steele for repairing the bridge. He gives him a flock of sheep in return. Steele is confused as he doesn't know what to do with them.

Alternative strategyEdit

  • In advance to conserve manpower, you may consider placing the granary northwest to the bridge, on the small oasis. There a big group of rabbits are found, which may come in handy later.
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