First Step, is the first mission in the Warchest Trail in Stronghold Crusader.

Starting stocks and participantsEdit

The lonely enemy is Emir Omar in orange.

No allies are present.

The game mode is normal, with 4k gold for the human and 2k gold for the computer players.


This map is a very easy one, serving for warming you up for the Warchest trail. You are given a slight gold advantage and ample supplies, nothing more is needed. Your enemy is very close however and you will spend little time on this map. You can also build up and secure your land, but you will eventually end up controlling the map and with the Emir locked down, you will not enjoy the map anyway.

Quickly erect a market, a hovel, a mercenary post and some food production on the nearby oasis batches. Start recruiting horse archers and send them to the Emir's stronghold just in the west. Have about 20 horse archers continuously firing arrows at the Emir's troops. The Emir will recruit some Arab bowmen and even his horse archers and swordsmen will "charge" you if you get near, but your concentrated firepower will kill them one by one. When you have enough horse archers, recruit assassins. Sell some stone to fund even more assassins.

The Emir will panic when your assassins arrive and he will recall all troops to the keep, while using up his remaining money on troops. Just hold on with your horse archers and soon none shall remain. Send in your assassins and head directly for the exposed Lord.

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