The Call to Arms

Mission 2: Heraclea, the Journey South

Objective: acquire 300 bread

Supplies: 108 wood, 15 stone, 80 apples, 1000 gold

Starting troops: 6 archers, 8 spearmen

No trade is available


In this mission you have to build an encampment for the marching Crusaders, who suffer from water shortages and raiding Arabs. Supply them with a healthy bread stock, so they can continue their way on Jerusalem.


There are several apple orchards, wheat farms and woodcutters already placed on the map. Two wheat farms are burning, which you can take down to gain back a little amount of wood. Resite them closer to the manor house and also relocate some woodcutters near forests. From your wood stocks extend the granary and put down a mill, a hovel and bakeries.

You may notice some signposts, which indicate the presence of invasions. To deal with them, quickly start weapons production. Fletcher's may be built, but archers are relatively weak and slow to shoot. Hence, we'll use poleturners. Lay down two or three of them along with the barracks and armoury, close to the stockpile.

Divide your starting troops into three small groups and send them to each signpost. We'll be already waiting the raiders when they arrive. As spears are produced, immediately recruit spearmen and send fresh troops evenly to each signpost. When apples are being piled up, turn off bread consumption to reach your goal faster. Your gold may run out after a while, but it is not necessary to replace fallen spearmen. If so, give extra rations and adjust taxes to -4.

5 horse archers in regular intervals come to have fun with you. Just put your defenders in aggressive stance and watch as your bread amount soon reaches 300.


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