Holy Water
Players 2
Map Name Strati
Game Mode Normal
Allies None
Enemies Abbot of Stirling
Starting Conditions
Human Lords 4000
Computer Lords 2000
Muddy BootsTerror on Tilos

Holy Water is the third mission in the Warchest trail of Stronghold Crusader.

Starting stocks and participantsEdit

The lonely enemy is Abbot of Stirling in orange. No allies are present. The game mode is normal, with 4k gold for the human and 2k gold for the computer players.


Another duel, this time with the Abbot. This one is a real battlefield with all resources found and keeps with a fair distance in between, so this mission can be played at any length. You can build up, but the Abbot will have little industry and few troops out, so a rush is potential. You are also given twice the enemy's gold, which means you should take the initiative.

Rushing the Abbot is not hard as he uses only archers and monks. He has monks as starting troops and his bow production takes some time to kick in, so just take those horse archers and strike the Abbot. If he had not enough gold to place the cathedral, the game is basically yours. Use the horsemen to kill the Abbot's monks, while you build up a force of assassins and send them to the Lord.

If you rather want to test your castle management skills and let the Abbot build up, you could have little trouble with him. He uses weak troops in numbers to whittle you down, making crossbowmen and other hard troops ideal. The Abbot also uses catapults to destroy your properties from long range, so have some forces ready to dispose of them. A siege against him is not that hard, accomplished by either horse archers outnumbering the defenders, or using a siege tower to scale the walls and move in some troops for the kill.

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