Saladin's Conquest

Mission 4: Horns of Hattin, Battle on the Hill

Objective: kill the enemy Lord

Starting troops: 10 slingers, 30 horse archers, 17 swordsmen, 6 fire throwers

In this mission you can deal the final strike on the Crusader army. The enemy hugely outnumbers the Arab army, but they are demoralized, as they are tired and starving. If you could kill their leader, they should surely surrender.

The Crusader fortification is built on a plateau, which can be accessed from two steeps. The base is fairly symmetrical and although there is a slight difference between the two sides, it does not really affect difficulty. The front is completely sealed off by walls and numerous swordsmen with knights, as well the walls and the entrances are covered by crossbowmen.

For the first part you are going to use the horse archers to pick off crossbowmen. Use a hit and run tactic on one crossbowmen and concentrate fire on only one of them. When they are going to shoot, quickly retreat back to safety. They have a full moral penalty due to preplaced bad things, so your horse archers can withstand a hit without fear. Do not advance too close however, as swordsmen may go after you and more crossbowmen will fire at you. Try to choose a side where you would attack, to shorten the time needed.

When most crossbowmen are cleared, move up and kill enemy archers and melee troops that should welcome you. Meanwhile move up with the rest of your army and use your slingers to assist your horsemen. After these units are removed, move fire throwers up and attack the area with bushes very close to you. The bushes will soon catch fire and they will ignite a long way into the city, setting bulidings ablaze, killing many swordsmen. Only advance, when the fire dies down somewhat.

Move in and work your way inch by inch into the enemy stronghold. Kill advancing swordsmen and other troops by outnumbering them with your own swordsmen. Leave the fire throwers behind in order to not hurt your own troops. When you are close enough, you may rush in and ignore any incoming troops. The lord should fall in no time and victory is yours.


  • When going up the western steep, you may encounter archers, pikemen and even a hideous knight. Going up on the east only pikemen and archers will present, however you have to fight more swordsmen and macemen near the iron mining area.


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