Saladin's Conquest

Mission 5: Jerusalem, Retaking the Holy City

Objective: kill all enemy units

Starting troops: 10 Arabian archers, 6 slaves, 12 assassins, 12 horse archers, 17 Arab swordsmen, 10 fire throwers, 8 fire ballistae

This is the final mission of Saladin's trail. Here you have to siege an enemy castle just like in the previous missions. Be on your toes however, as the defense will react to your presence this time.

Jerusalem is a large city bordered with single-layered walls and a light garrison on the walls. But this time a huge number of knights separated in three groups present: one in the north, one in the southeast and a third one behind the main gatehouse. These knights will put you under a huge pressure for the first few minutes.

Immediately collect your troops into one big group. Leave your fire throwers and slaves to the back and bring your swordsmen, assassins and fire ballistae to the fore. Archers and horse archers should be behind them, although they would not have large impact on the advancing enemy.

Soon the knights will charge at your position, 8-12 at a time from any group. They are very fast and powerful, but your good troop positioning will overthrow them. They will try to head mostly for your ballistae, so have the assassins and swordsmen intercept the knights and quickly kill them with their blades and ballistae. Fire ballistae are very accurate, so they must be protected and they will weaken the knights enough to make your life easier. The knights will continue sacrificing themselves until they are all gone. After that, the hardest part of the mission is over.

As the knights are removed, move up with your fire ballistae and kill any troops you find on the gatehouse and towers. Your ballistae has a bit larger range than the enemy crossbowmen and archers, so just pick them off without any worry. You can even have a small rest while the ballistae are busy.

Then choose an abandoned wall section and scale it with your assassins or just take down a tower or wall segment and move in. There are some enemy macemen on the other side of the gatehouse, which may strike out, but they should be decimated in no time. Then move in with the rest of your troops and kill the small guard on the enemy keep. You can even set the buildings on fire and burn the advancing enemies. Finally, kill the few troops located on the inside lookout tower with your fire ballistae or just anything you have left.

Congratulations on completing the second trail!


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