The Call to Arms

Mission 5: Jerusalem, the Final Assault

Objective: kill the enemy Lord within the time limit

Starting troops: 52 archers, 54 spearmen, 44 swordsmen, 2 siege towers

In this final mission you must siege the hub of the Arabs and take the holy city, Jerusalem. The siege towers are now available, which may aid you in your quest. Saladin is on the way with reinforcements, so you have little time for the siege.

Jerusalem is a fairly big and well-defended castle, but it has several weaknesses, as a concentrated attack can quickly overthrow a part of it. Attack is possible from each side, but the most convenient place would be the southeast.

Gather your troops and rush your archers to the southeastern tower, avoiding fire from the other towers. Concentrate fire on the Arabian bowmen, ensuring that your archers will bring them down as quickly as possible. Attack one target at a time, so the tower should be soon empty. Bring your swordsmen and spearmen in order to not lose time. When the tower and the nearby wall section is somewhat clear of troops, choose a safe segment and order your two towers to dock there. Make sure to clear out enough fire throwers to ensure no troops are caught in fire during the operation.

March all your troops via the towers and either use the stairs or take over a gatehouse and rush everyone to the Arab lord. Kill any resistance in your way, prioritizing fire throwers and swordsmen. The Lord has a few bodyguards, but they will be done in no time. You should have much time left when you conquer the keep and you win!


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