Saladin's Conquest

Mission 2: Kerak, Reynald's Treachery

Objective: destroy the cathedral within the time limit

Starting troops: 72 slingers, 26 Arab swordsmen, 3 assassins

In this mission you have to avenge the Crusader landlord, Reynald. He is holding a feast at the moment, so he is vulnerable to an assault, but not for long, as reinforcements are on the way. Thus, you have no time to raze the city, but instead show off your might by destroying the cathedral.

As the briefing suggests, you have only a limited time to complete your quest. Don't bother with the inner ring with the lord and their bodyguards, but notice the cathedral not much closer to your starting position. Kerak has a gatehouse with a light guard of crossbowmen and a somewhat vulnerable section of very high wall to the east.

Separate your army into two groups: one containing assassins and the rest of your units. Send your assassins under the gigantic walls and let them start climbing once the sentry swordsman had passed the section they are climbing. At the same time, rush your slingers to the gatehouse, closely followed by your swordsmen as they move forward. Engage the crossbowmen in the towers and try to concentrate fire on single targets. Your slingers will fall one by one, but never mind, they have almost no chance against the defenders.

That is why your assassins are needed for the job. Head directly for the gatehouse (killing the occasional patrol on their way) and capture the gatehouse. Kill the crossbowmen in the towers and move in with your troops to the interior.

The cathedral is not far from you in the west. There are multiple swordsmen deployed around it ready to strike anyone that approaches. As you come closer, more and more of them will attack you. Use your own swordsmen to outnumber any target, while the assassins and slingers are busy damaging and destroying it. Sooner or later, the crumbled cathedral will appear in front of you and you have won the mission!


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