There is more house cleaning to do for the king. Now that you have cleaned up Boorswell, he asks you to get rid of those annoying outlaws.


You should have the bow and spear production still going in your home estate Harbury. Build up an army of about 40 to 50 spearmen an 80 to 100 archers - or more if you dont like micro management. Walk your troops to the stock pile of Sir Grey's estate Whittle.

Once there the archers will dispatch the small outlaw guard that secures the path to their camp. Hotkey your units into three groups - the spearmen and one half of the archers each into a separate group. walk the path towards the entry of the outlaw camp. Position the spear man infront of it, while one half of the archers positions left the other right of the entrance in front of the wooden wall. The archers will automatically begin to clean the enemy archers and crossbow men off the walls, while spearmen deal with any outlaws trying to make a run.

Once the walls are clear of enemy missile troops, walk your whole army inside. While the archers kill any remaining outlaws or enemy archers, task your spearmen to destroy the camp. Once it falls the mission is won.

Alternative approachEdit


Boorswell starts early production of vegetables for mission 12

If you've followed the alternative approach so far, you should already have a sizeable army at Whittle. If you wish, you might build it up a bit more or you can just march in to deal with the outlaws as described above.

There is a bit of useable land in the north of Boorswell, near the border to Whittle. Since you will need large amounts of royal food in mission 12, start up vegetable production in Boorswell. Six or seven vegetable gardens, a royal kitchen and hovels as needed are all in takes.

Bread production buildings have become available as well. Place two or three wheat farms, a mill and six to eight bakeries. If you don't do that, the AI will do so in the next mission and probably place them where you least need them.

When the outlaw camp falls IMMEDIATELY select all your troops and give them marching orders to Sir Grey's castle. You won't be able to control them in the next mission and if you don't have them start marching before the victory screen, they'll block all the building space for the next mission.

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