Muddy Boots
Players 2
Map Name Unknown
Game Mode Normal
Allies None
Enemies Marshal, Sir Longarm
Starting Conditions
Human Lords 4000
Computer Lords 2000
First StepHoly Water

Muddy Boots is the second mission in the Warchest trail of Stronghold Crusader.

Starting stocks and participantsEdit

The lonely enemy is Marshal, Sir Longarm in orange. No allies are present. The game mode is normal, with 4k gold for the human and 2k gold for the computer players.


This map is another duel, with more gold on your side and an even weaker enemy at your doorstep. You can finish your only enemy in a blink of eye and the map is too tight for any building up. You can use walling and such, but since you have the gold advantage and the Marshal relies heavily on his weapon industry, you can finish him off very early.

This mission is pretty much the same as the previous one in walkthrough. Erect two hovels, some woodcutters, wheat farms, the mercenary post and the market, then pump out about 20 horse archers. Have the archers camp in the marsh and pick off the Marshal's archers. Bring your starting archers to aid them. Then, switch to assassins and have about 30 of them before storming the keep.

The Marshal puts up little resistance. His knights are vicious however and you will need a higher amount assassins because of that. Have the rally point set on the Marshal's keep when you have the adequate number of troops and your assassins will charge in. Knights will quickly fall and so the exposed Lord.

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