The Call to Arms

Mission 1 - Nicaea - Arrival in the Holy Land


Objective: gain 450 gold

Supplies: 40 wood, 20 apples upon retaking the castle

Starting troops: 16 archers, 1 knight

Tradeable: stone, apples


Spoiler alert! the hidden section is the hint to win the game.

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  • Placing your granary near the oasis will speed up apple productions
  • Increase your rations and put your taxes up to raise more gold
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This is the first mission of the first campaign trail, which introduces the basic elements of Gameplay in Crusader. Your first task is to regain control over Nicaea, than build a small economy to accumulate a small bunch of gold.

Gather your small army and march until you reach the remnants of a gatehouse. From there your archers will start targeting the slingers on the walls. Instruct your knight to get to the campfire and slaughter the four slingers there. You may even bring the archers within range and provide covering fire. After this easy battle, you take control over the manor house and Nicaea.

Build your granary near the oasis, preferably on the steep to leave place for apple orchards in the oasis. Fill it with them, then place some woodcutters near the trees. Place a hovel to increase population. As wood comes in, place hunter posts and a quarry with two ox tethers to produce meat and stone. Erect the market as well.

Our strategy is then to sell stone and apples to win. Turn off apple consumption once the hunters deliver meat. If there is much food, halve rations and rise taxes to -4 to increase gold. For a huge boost (~200 gold), delete every stonework you find around the castle: walls, stairs and even the wrecked perimeter turret. This will greatly reduce the time needed for this mission.

When you accumulate 450 gold, you won and move onto mission 2.


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