Terror on Tilos
Players 2
Map Name Tilos
Game Mode Normal
Allies None
Enemies Wazir the Terrible
Starting Conditions
Human Lords 2000
Computer Lords 2000
Holy WaterBog War

Terror on Tilos is the fourth mission in the Warchest trail of Stronghold Crusader.

Starting stocks and participantsEdit

The only enemy is Wazir the Terrible in orange. No allies are present. The game mode is normal, with equally 2k gold for the human and computer player.


This is the third duel, now under equal circumstances regarding gold and starting stocks. Tilos is an island formed by two connected large flatlands that have various resources but few deposits. The Wazir is a rushable enemy, however he will spend most of his gold on mercenaries, particularly horse archers for raids and patrols.

The mission becomes harder as you spend more time building up your economy, enabling the Wazir to do so. You should establish a humble bread production by making use of the small oasis patches around the keep, then add stone production. Wood is a scarce resource given there are few trees around, but it can be replenished on the market once they are depleted. Iron can be also mined if necessary.

The Wazir is vulnerable at the very beginning, because he cannot afford to construct his numerous gates and towers, as well as he will not have many defenders apart from a couple of Arabian bowmen. Hiring 15-20 horse archers and sending them to the Wazir's castle will deny him from resources and peasants, as well as you can kill the small groups of Arabian archers on the ground. The enemy will respond with horse archers and Arab swordsmen, but your troops can easily kill the ranged units and outrun the slow swordsmen. This way, the Wazir will have lost most of his men.

If you want to play it out rather safe and build up a complete castle, crossbowmen will become a must as their penetrating bolts will kill Arab swordsmen in no time. Ballistae may be also needed as the Wazir will set up trebuchets out of range of your missile units. It is best to siege the Wazir right after an attack, so there will be less units to fight later on. Starting a fire in his castle is not a bad idea either.

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