Just as easy as loading this game. Create about 4 woodcutters outside your camp, and your granary to the left side, so that your lord sees it when you check his view. Put about 3-4 apple farms around it....that'll keep every one happy. Try to put them close, but still allowing space for other buildings around there. (Water Wells)

Step by Step Instruction Edit

You start with 8 peasants and that is all you need, so there is no need for additional hovels. If you don't want to wait for the first load of wood to arrive and want to send all your citizen to work immediately, use the eraser tool to remove the wooden walls. They serve no useful purpose and clog up the place. Build a granary and two apple orchards (or three if you want to be able to raise rations) and build saw-pits for the remaining peasants.

Alternative Approach Edit


Slaughterford production with second stockpile and sans wall

If you want to prepare ahead for future scenario's, remove the walls as described above and plant four apple orchards tightly packed around the granary. Build two more hovels and as wood comes in build saw-pits until you have all your 24 peasants in work. three or four saw-pits should be in the vicinity of the keep to remove the bushes and that lone tree south of the granary. Pack the rest tightly in the south and let them chop down the trees to make space for future missions

Video Tutorial (Alternative Approach)Edit

Lets Play Stronghold2 Peace campaign 1 lazy man's edition

Lets Play Stronghold2 Peace campaign 1 lazy man's edition

Peace Campaign Mission 1 - Alternative (Lazy Man's) approach

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