The Path Of Peace campaign is what other games would call the Tutorial Campaign.This mission introduces the concept of Royal Food and feasts.

Instructions Edit

Build a hovel and a Lord's Kitchen, Remember, that you can turn certain buildings to let them face in a certain direction. The kitchen is one of them. Let it face the keep and squeeze it as far back to the cliff as possible. That way you should be able to squeeze in two pig farms and two vegetable gardens.

Alternative approach Edit


Compact royal food production in Slaughterford during mission 2.

If you used the alternative approach in the previous mission and started chopping trees for building space, you may wish to add a hovel's worth of additional peasants to it. To give them more time, you build only one pig farm and one vegetable garden. You'll still win, but you have more time to get rid of trees. If your stockpile fills up with wood too quickly: pause the game, erase it, unpause, rebuild it. That way it'll reset to empty. Alternatively you can build a second stockpile right next and perpendicular to the first one for double capacity. Even a third one is possible if you removed the walls (see picture).

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