Tyre map
Kings' Crusade

Mission 2: Tyre, Holding the Line

Objective: produce 1500 bread

Starting goods: 114 wood, 14 hops, 43 stone, 2 pitch, 2 wheat, 4 flour, 63 bread, 10 spears, 10 bows, 1025 gold

Trade options: wood, stone, iron, hops, crossbows, swords, metal armour.

Available troops: spearman, archer, crossbowman, swordsman, ballistae, engineers

In this mission you have to hold the strategic castle of Tyre, which you have saved (temporarily at least) from the first mission. Provide bread for the Crusader army for the upcoming quests, while Saladin is about to march against the castle. Although he is far away yet, his news of coming encourages nearby Arabs to siege you.

You start with a big castle and a small economy. The map is a huge desert with some oases spread out, but is rich in raw materials. Tyre is well-fortified, but lacks its garrison and its industry is barely useful at any terms. There is a small bread and ale production and a church within the castle, while a pitch rig and three woodcutters provide a small influx of raw materials.

You are more dependent than ever on your starting stocks. Although there is a good size of stockpile at your disposal, you have to build your food production, weapons industry and defense.

First of all, extend the stockpile to four tiles. Then relocate most buildings closer to the keep: the bakeries, the mill and the lonely brewery. You may leave the inn in its place, since you need every gold you can make use of. Erect three bakeries for food and then place the following workshops: one poleturner, three fletchers and a tanner. Add one more brewery to enhance ale supply. If you have more than 300 gold left, add a sixth workshop.
Tyre start

An initial stand-up, focusing on bows and spears.

Build 4-5 more woodcutters adjacent to the existing ones and place two wheat fields next to the marshy area. Site a dairy farm and another wheat farm to the closest oasis. Demolish the northern round tower, the central and southern lookout tower for extra stone, Seal off the gap in the place of the round tower, then place a square tower near the oasis in the east. Recruit 10 bowmen and 10 spearmen using your initial supply of weapons and station them in the tower.
Tyre oasis

This oasis needs maximum protection for the first part.

Stone, iron and pitch is very hard to acquire. Although there is a fair quantity of iron and stone on the map, they are very far away and their acquirement will be stalled for a long time to the period of invasions. It is possible to produce some of them, but still, swordsmen and stone are not at all vital to succeed.

Instead, turn your attention on bow and spear production until the first invasion comes. Send all fresh archers to the outside tower and rally spearmen near the farms. Also remember to build at least one well or a water pot for protection. Utilize taxes accordingly to ale coverage and religion. Religion is an unreliable source of popularity, but it will do for the beginning of the game. Try to buy in hops every time it gets very low on supply.

The first invasion should have arrived by now. Several horse archers, slingers and slaves will test your defenses. Bring down your spearmen while the archers deal with the horsemen. Slaves will target your farms and they try to approach from multiple directions, so you have to use your spearmen offensvely. Attempt to intercept the slaves and kill them, nevertheless a few may sneak past your units and set some buildings alight. Avoid the flames and worry not, if your buildings are destroyed in the process. It is crucial to suffer minimal damage.
Tyre invasion

A raid like this should strike upon you.

The possibly hardest part of the mission is over. Add more bakeries, wheat farms and workshops as you can. You may soon add some hovels and inns to maximize ale coverage and supplies. Stick to archer production and try not to prioritize crossbowmen (apart from a few of them), as the second invasion will come with a higher army. When your outpost tower is filled, start filling the towers overlooking the south. Try to afford some stone to seal off your marshy area. Relocate woodcutters as they clear out the nearby forest to a more favourable location. Protect this area with waterboys as well.
Tyre south

Expand here with your woodcutters and protect them.

By now, you possess a stable position and units should swarm. When you got 50 archers, switch to crossbow production and sell surplus weapons to gain an additional profit. You may even place ballistae onto your towers with their staff, but it is easier to defend at the farmlands. The second invasion comes with the same constitution, only to be larger in numbers. The scenario should be the same for this invasion, but you may have to protect the woodcutters with your spearmen. Use anything you can to deflect the slaves' attempt. Replace every lost building after the attack is over.
Tyre expanding

Extend your industry and defend the southern entrance.

From now on, emphasize bread production and try to site some chapels and/or a cathedral. An adequate tax rate should vary between -6 and -8, while rations are set to half, then no consumption. Build more bakeries, wheat farms and an additional mill if needed. Watch for coverage and always buy in hops if you run out of them.

Tyre ready

Your economy should run smooth by now.

Later invasions are more dangerous if you happen to have few crossbowmen. Besides the usual stand-up, Arab swordsmen and engineers will come with a ram and a siege tower. If you prepared the defenses in the southern area, you should have no problem dealing with them. Help out the garrison there with your outpost soldiers if things are going to go bad.

Tyre bigmarch

Later invasions involve numerous slaves and other units.

Keep up production and soon you will acquire the demanded quantity of bread. You won this mission!


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