Dog cage
General Information
Available in Stronghold

Stronghold Crusader
Stronghold 2

Usage Stationary defense
Cost 20 wood

100 gold

The wardog is a special canine trained to fight.


War hounds are kept in cages, in packs of four. Aggressive and brutal, it attacks everyone that gets near. They return to their cages after the enemy has been removed or their targets got out of range. They may also seek for additional targets afterwards. Dogs deal high damage, but possess moderate health. The cage is removed when all of its dogs are dead.

Wardog cages are best kept in concealed positions, where they can attack their targets from relative safety. The dogs are best as a last-ditch defense since they can be built instantly, however siege engines are particularly effective against them, bombarding from outside trigger range. Trebuchets can make use of their high-arc shots from a safe distance.


  • In Stronghold Crusader, wardogs attack only hostile soldiers. They used to attack friendly soldiers in v1.0, but this was later removed in v1.1.
  • It is the only building in Stronghold Crusader that isn't used by any of the A.I players.
  • The dog cage can catch on fire in Stronghold Crusader. Even when in flames, the inhabitant dogs are not harmed by the inferno.


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