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Warlords are neutral players, appearing alongside AI and human players, in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords.


Warlords are independent governors, who have their own fiefs and estates and control their own castles. They are adept at one aspect of leadership and they can be conducted diplomacy with by any player. Warlords remain neutral until a player demands obedience from them, becoming their vassal with the process.

Warlords can support their superiors through their perks and set of commands. In order to enjoy a warlord's benefits, the player needs to spend a set amount of diplomacy points to make them obey, then to give commands, such as sending weapons and reinforcements. Warlords can also be upgraded through 5 levels to bolster their capabilities over time.

Warlord perks are permanent bonuses that stay in effect, as long as the warlord remains vassal of the player.


Warlords belong to an archetype, denoting their skills and personalities. Each warlord has different strengths and skill sets, which the player can use at their disposal.

There are currently three known warlord personalities:

  • The Turtle: adept at fortifications and castles, a defensive lord.
  • The Horse: adept at creating big economies.
  • The Pig: adept at creating armies, an offensive lord.


  • Only the Turtle's skills are shown in the teaser footages. The Turtle provides a bonus to wall and tower health, as well as he can be commanded to send weapons and strengthen defences (possibly for a short period of time). [1]


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