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Warlords are neutral players, appearing alongside AI and human players, in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords.


Warlords are independent governors, who have their own fiefs and estates and control their own castles. They are adept at one aspect of leadership and they can be conducted diplomacy with by any player. Warlords can be converted by demanding obedience or killing their Lord, becoming a subordinate in the process.

While affiliated with the player, Warlords support them through their perks and set of commands. The player can issue commands by spending Diplomacy points. Commands are one-time acts that bolster the player's economy or army, and may be improved by upgrading the Warlord's tier. Warlords may also be instructed to attack another character or warlord. These involve:

  • Sending a shipment of resources. After a set amount of time, the player gets some goods to his stocks.
  • Sending reinforcements. After a set amount of time, the player gets a few units near their keep.
  • Assembling an attack force. The Warlord will spawn a group of units, which can be directed to attack a hostile estate. The warlord commences his attack on his own.


Warlords belong to an archetype, denoting their skills and personalities. Each warlord has different strengths and skill sets, which the player can use at their disposal. They also carry unique perks that aid the player in one way or another.

There are currently six known warlord personalities:

  • The Turtle: adept at fortifications and castles, a defensive lord. He grants bonus durability to his allies' fortifications and buildings.
  • The Horse: adept at creating big economies and mounted units. He grants his allies bonus Diplomacy generation.
  • The Pig: adept at creating armies, an offensive lord.
  • The Tiger: an aggressive warlord, who prefers to create armies. He grants melee soldiers bonus damage.
  • The Ox: a supportive lord, who can supply his allies goods. He grants his allies bonus productivity.
  • The Dragon: a militarist warlord, who mastered the craft of rocketry. He supplies his allies with rocket launchers periodically.


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