The warrior monk is a powerful melee unit in Stronghold 2.


Warrior monks are zealous defenders of the church. They walk with pride and carry a short sword and a shield with their lord's crest on it. They are very fast and prove devastating in melee combat, capable of weakening even swordsmen. They can quickly close in on fleeing targets and make a formidable assault unit.

Warrior monks can be recruited at a monastery.


These monks are rare sighting in multiplayer due to their tech level and availability late in the game. However, in "Baron" and "Duke" games they are seen somewhat often.

Monks can be used to rush careless enemies without hurting your own economy too much. Although honor will be quickly depleted when amassing warrior monks, there will be plenty of gold left to develop and build your industry and military.

Monks can also serve as a special task force to intercept enemy workers and industry lines. They attack and move considerably fast so they can quickly cause enough damage the enemy economy and draw units off the battlefield.

The AI lords make no use of the monastery and therefore none of them recruit warrior monks or fighting monks.


For the quotes of the warrior monk, see: Quotes:Warrior Monk.

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Warrior monks

A pair of warrior monks


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