Here are the quotes of the warrior monk.

Quotes in Stronghold 2

Action Quote Sound

The lord is my master.

You disturb my prayers!

Where lies my quest?

Make it quick.

Where is the heathen's blood to be spilt?


Our faith is unshakeable!

We believe.

The flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong.

The Satan's work that brings us here!


We march... for heaven!

With the grace of God.

We will root out the evil in this land!

We search for the sins.

Time to go.

God's work needs doing!

The devil is afoot!

We go to cleanse this land!

As you will it.

The world's mischief is our burden!

Invalid location I would question your vision.
Marching We march for God!
Aggressive stance We will smite the devils on sight.
Defensive stance This land is sacred!
Stand ground I shall not move.
Patrolling Is this some kind of tenance?
Open formation

Move apart.

Defensive knot Enter into a circle.
Column formation Two by two.
Line formation A simple line.
Filling in moat

The moat shall not stop us.

The waters shall be parted.

If we are to take this castle, then we must be rid of this moat.

Manning rock basket Cast down stones at them!
Manning walls To the wall!
Disband If the Lord wishes...
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