The water pot is a civilian building used in case of fire.


The water pot is a large container, in which water is stored. In case of fires, three waterboys can be assigned to the pot to get buckets of water and use them to extinguish flames. The water pot provides endless supply of water and wellboys tend to move very fast when running to their posts. Waterboys can also safely walk through flaming areas.

Water pots require gold to create.

Stronghold 2Edit

In Stronghold 2, the water pot serves as a storage unit without a crew. Water pots have no endless supply of water: they must be filled by waterboys who obtain water from wells. A single pot can store 10 units of water and waterboys will run to it in case of fires, as getting water from it is faster than from wells.


  • There is a glitch in Stronghold Crusader where if workers are assigned the water pots and the building is 'slept', the peasants retain their high movement speed even if they are assigned to another building. If the peasant is recruited in the army, they lose their high speed.
  • In Stronghold Crusader multiplayer games, particularly where 'No Rush' is used', a common strategy is to build an abundance of water pots and put all of them on sleep, gaining a lot of recruitable peasants. This can come in handy when the player is in a huge need of troops.


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