In STRONGHOLD series their are 6 major weapons.

Bow:   ( required to make Archers ) has a standard range and medium damage and very light carry. Giving archers high speed but low damage ( requires to build: Wood )

Spear:   ( required to make Spearmen ) not very powerful weapon. made by wood and used with out an armor,  spear is ideal for submission. Spear is the first melee weapon. ( requires to build: Wood )

Mace:   ( required to make Macemen ) powerful and useful for offence more than defence  mace does a lot of damage and is ideal for melee attacks. very light and powerful. ( requres to build: Iron )

Crossbow:   ( required to make Crossbowmen) more accurate, deadly, and versatile than a bow but slower to reload and carry. best against metal armors and leather armor troops. And troops that don't wear any sort of armor are taken out in single or 2 shots. but crossbow has shorter range than a bow.

'Pike: '  ( required to make Pikemen ) perfect defenece weapon. and mostly offence because pike does a lot of damage when srill and not moving forward. perfect for castle defence and blocking areas to the castle.

Sword:   ( requires to make Swordmen and Knights ) excellent for offence and defence. heavy to carry for Swordmen..Knights carry them easily because the pulling their weight. and sometimes turns onto a Lance ( a weapon used by by Knight in middle ages. similar to a Javelin or throwing Spear.

Leather Armor:   ( required to make Crossbowmen and Macemen) 10 times stronger than normal clothes. medium weight. ( requires a cow from Dairy Farm to build)

Metal Armor:   ( required to make Pikemen and Swordmen) 10 times stronger and 5 times heavier than a Leather Armor. weight heavy/very heavy. ( requires Iron to build)

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