The werewolf is a unit exclusive to the evil faction in Stronghold Legends.


The werewolf is a massive beast possessing high agility and strength. It moves pretty fast from one point to another, but it is more devastating in combat, when it stands up on its legs and bashes enemies with its arms. Although having great physical skills, the werewolf is unable to jump high enough onto walls.

Werewolves can mount the werewolf launcher to quickly catapult to nearby areas.


Werewolves are the backbone of the evil army. Their health, speed and damage output makes them the perfect frontline units. In numbers, they can overwhelm and kill hostile units very quickly, but even a single werewolf can cause severe damage in one-on-one fights. They can also be used as meatshields to soak up damage, allowing other friendly units to close up and provide covering fire. Light units are particularly vulnerable to werewolf attacks.

These beasts are more than perfect in weakening enemy defenses. When a weak spot is found, either a ladder can be set up, but multiple werewolf launchers can be used to "transport" a huge size of werewolf army on or to the other side of the walls, generally wreaking great havoc and target positions or units that were thought to be unreachable. Werewolfes can either be commanded to destroy structures or to seek for stairwells to backstab enemy archers, crossbowmen and other defenses.

Werewolves can be summoned as a last resort of defense by the evil lords. They are free to call, but fade after a short time and the ability is put on cooldown for a while.


Werewolves are tough, but light creatures, meaning that explosions and impacts cause them to fly to a distance. Thus, catapults, trebuchets and ballistae are perfect in holding them back, and the bat can be used for precision strikes against hordes of werewolves.

Missile units are also a threat to them. Being a melee unit, the werewolf must get close to its target, which can be used to gun it down. Crossbow bolts penetrate its skin and therefore it is vulnerable to groups of them. The werewolf is helpless against the white witch, who can fire her arrows from a safe distance.

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