The werewolf launcher is a siege unit exclusive to the evil faction in Stronghold Legends.


The werewolf launcher is a modified trebuchet, which is not used for tearing down structures. Instead, it is used to hurl werewolves onto enemy walls, or even into their castles with rapid fire. Two werewolves can be catapulted with one shot, who then land on either a surface or get knocked back a bit from either walls and towers. This way a small squad of wolves can be quickly sent into enemy territory.

The launcher, as every siege engine, is vulnerable to projectiles and melee combatants, so it should be protected every time.


Stronghold Legends - Werewolf Goal Chain

Stronghold Legends - Werewolf Goal Chain


  • The engine is often outlawed in most multiplayer games due to it's powerful ability to rapidly transfer werewolves from an area to another.

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