The White Witch is a flying unit in Stronghold Legends.

Description Edit

The White Witch is a special unit available from the Ice Tower. She is basically a flying archer. She wears a white dress (what else for a white witch), a ice coloured witches' hat and wields a bow. She rides a broomstick which allows her to quickly travel across long distances. Also, her ability to fly means that she isn't hindered by ground obstacles. The White Witch is capable of shooting enchanted arrows (although they don't seem to have any magical properties) which makes them extremely good at taking out ground units while remaining safe above. They are not to be underestimated (but don't overestimate them either).

Usage Edit

White Witches are fairly versatile units. They see some use in defence, being able to shoot down ground units. A particularly useful strategy in sieges is to have your witches stationed above the enemy siege camp where they can destroy siege equipment as soon as it appears, but watch out for stake hurlers!

They are also useful when used offensively. Her ability to fly means that she can just zoom over walls and maybe even straight to the lord himself! It also means that they don't have to take long routes across the enemy's line of fire. In large numbers, they can prove deadly, being able to rain down storms of arrows that will wear down any enemy with frightening speed. They are not to be underestimated. However, don't overestimate them either. While they may be fast and dangerous, they are not very tough and will die from just a few arrows. If you're going to use them in sieges, make sure you bring a lot of them. Dragon Harpoons are the bane of these woman, being able to tear through their ranks with ease.

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